Celsis Advance II™ system

Celsis Advance II™ system is designed to deliver definitive results quickly. Capable of running 120 assays per hour, high throughput manufacturers can cut days off their production cycles and reduce working capital requirements.

Celsis Accel® system

Celsis Accel® system is specifically designed for small and mid-sized pharmaceutical, home, and beauty product manufacturing facilities with a smaller throughput of 30 assays per hour. It takes the robustness and ease of use of the widely adopted Celsis Advance II™ platform and packages it into an option for lower production facilities.

Celsis Adapt™

Celsis Adapt™ sample concentrator instrument expands the capabilities of the Celsis platform to cell therapies, and in-process cell culture samples. By concentrating samples and removing cellular components that interfere with the background and ATP-bioluminescence detection signal, it allows for rapid microbial detection on Celsis luminometers.

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